What I Ate Yesterday: Day 26 - Heaven and Eggs

Day 26 - Heaven and Eggs

Torta with Mulawin

Heaven and Eggs

My main dish:
Jim's Short Skirt P278.00
Spicy beef strips and peppers enclosed in grilled tortilla topped with guacamole, refried beans and mango salsa,served with shoestring potatoes

heaven and eggs fajitas

Twinings shake : Apple Green Tea
heaven and eggs twinings tea shake

A share from:

Banana Raspberry Pancakes
heaven and eggs pancakes breakfast

And tasted everything else:

Rock You Like Hurricane P349.00
Grilled beef tenderloin wrapped in smoked bacon, served with shoestring potatoes and roasted pepper hollandaise, topped with miniature sunny side up eggs

heaven and eggs terderloin steak

Roast Beefin' On The Edge P275.00
Roast Angus beef slices, steamed rice and buttered vegetables smoothened with homestyle gravy, the ultimate comfort food

heaven and eggs roast beef

After Party Angus Burger P285.00
Juicy grilled Angus burger with sauteed mushrooms and fried onions, melted mozzarella cheese and shoestring potatoes
heaven and eggs burger

Full Monty Cristo Sandwich P285.00
Golden brown custard dipped sandwich with turkey breast and honey cured ham, melted cheddar and Jack cheese served with mango orange chutney and shoestring potatoes
heaven and eggs sandwich turkey

Snack and Dinner:


  1. Your blog is making me hungry.

    Delicious pics.


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